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Penguins Are Real, FEMA Coffins Are Fake, And JFK Rises From The Dead Tomorrow (Maybe)

 From The Desk Of Tim Ozman 11/21/21

Penguins Are Real, FEMA Coffins Are Fake, And JFK Rises From The Dead Tomorrow (Maybe)

I’ve been offline for the last few days but I’m well aware of what’s happening on the whirled stage. I notice that whenever I take a little time to work on other projects, old debunked theories crop back up and have to be dusted away. Two of these are the “Bird’s aren’t real” fake conspiracy theory, and the “FEMA Coffin” panic that was debunked more than a decade ago. 

But before I get to that let’s deal with the Dallas situation:

Tomorrow is the anniversary of JFK’s assassination. Or near-fatal head-wound, if you’re a Q-anoner and believe that he survived, went underground, and is going to resurface soon as a 105-year-old insurrectionist alongside his undead son, JFK Jr.. I’ll be keeping an eye on Dallas and the true-believers there. General Flynn, by the way, just called for the need toestablish  “one religion” for America. The “Q” drops do seem to parallel the “Q-source” which led to the gospels in Christianity. Will there be a Kennedy-anity if the dead Kennedys show up tomorrow?  We shall see. 

Update on the Rust Shooting Psyop:

Hannah Reed from the “Rust” movie set shooting stands out as a person of interest in my mind for the following reasons: 

  • She’s the one that handed Alec Baldwin the murder weapon and appears to be a made-for-fake-news villain or scapegoat.

  • Her cliché goth apparel along with her spider and raven tattoos stood out as props. 

  • The black widow spider tattoo seemed to foreshadow a fellow cast member nearly losing an arm after a spider bite.

  • Her shirt said “Always a sinner” and featured an inverted cross and demonic hand clutching her heart.

  • She made a Facebook post in September where she felt an incoming “fall from grace.” 

  • Baldwin’s ex-wife was spotted dancing at a gothic nightclub when the shooting was reported. Was this just an odd way to grieve someone else's tragedy? Or was it a celebration?

  • The “gothic” link here connects a possibly vindictive ex-wife in a plot to set him up. This would also explain Reed’s foreshadowing of her own “fall from grace.” Perhaps Hannah was hired to do this "hit."


Colin Kapernick is making headlines for his commentary on the exoneration of Kyle Rittenhouse. This is perfectly aligned with his world stage role as head or “Kap” of the revolutionary movement that seeks the abolition of policing and incarceration as we know it. Personally, I believe he’s a world-stage actor, guided by unseen hands. His role is clear and I’ve documented it since 2019. The name Colin is etymologically derived from Nicholas and Kapernick comes from Copernicus. Nicolaus Copernicus changed the world, caused it to revolve, and effected a revolution. The heliocentric system was fiercely opposed by the Roman Catholic Church because it displaced Earth from the center. So too, is Kapernick attempting to displace Western chauvinism's place at the center of the world.

I want to point out that Kapernick made his most recent inflammatory statements---a condemnation of the US legal justice system itself----while VP Kamala Harris was in office. She was temporarily standing in for Joe Biden who was getting a COLONoscopy. Biden is president number 46. Harris would therefore be 47. The Colin/ Colon is just a bit of phonetic word-magic with this one. Here's the foreshadowing in the metascript:

  • In Super Bowl 47, the lights went out for 33 minutes. COLIN Kaepernick was Quarterback during this Super Bowl. The connection? In The Metascript Decoded, I put forth that after President Joe Biden exits the stage, Harris would move the “game” into “33 minutes of darkness.” My interpretation is that Colin Kaepernick’s revolution would begin. And sure enough, his Netflix movie, his books, and his place on the world stage are perfectly aligned with this. 

  • I also want to point out something peculiar about Ice Cream in this context. Ben and Jerry's Colin Kaepernick desert is called “Change The Whirled.” Whirled is a “revolution” reference. Also, Baskin Robbins ice cream has a “BR” that stand out in the logo that looks like “13” and “12”, or “1312”, which happens to be BLM and ANTIFA code for “ACAB” or “All Cops Are Bastards”. (Sidenote: 1312 is also the year the Templars went underground.) 

I'll follow up on this as it develops. Kyle will be on Tucker Carlson tomorrow as well---just more accelerant on the flames.


I like to keep up with everything going on with the lead flat earth proponents. You can keep up with this podcast at Here are some recent developments in this area:

Jake “The A**hole” Gibson lives up to his name by attacking Craig from “Fight The Flat Earth” for being:

  • Disabled

  • Overweight

  • A recovering drug addict

I’d like to think it was all just an act or a ploy to gain subscribers but no, he is what he is and that’s why people love or hate him. I commend him for being upfront about it. Same with the people who wear masks while driving.  I like when people signal their pathologies so they can more easily be avoided.

Many flat earthers are unable to remain civil in the face of ridicule and slander and I don’t find it entirely inexcusable. The anti-flat earthers are rather bigoted and incapable of stepping outside of their bubble reality where the television screen is a magical truth-revealing machine. I’ve sued a couple of anti-flat earth hysterics over insane libel. 

Speaking of libel: 

  • Eric Dubay came out in a recent video in defense of his inherent goodness. Apparently, there are rumors that he’s a vaccine-damaged member of the Thailand transgender community and a CIA agent with a vegan agenda. 

  • Funnily, these are practically the same claims he made against Patricia Steere. In fact, she fled the flat earth community in horror after she was branded a secret transgender CIA agent, her name being evidence of this: Patri-CIA, and "steer" being a castrated bull. Moreover, she’s a vegan.

  • In his own defense, Eric Dubay revealed that he’s single, and not married to the daughter of a general in a dictatorial regime. In a way, it’s kind of tragic that Patty Steere took her chances with Antonio Superrats and not Eric. Perhaps this explains his animus toward her?


  • China nearly took out the ISS with space junk months ago. 

  • Russia too has endangered the ISS,  this following their thruster “accidentally" firing off which resulted in the station flipping 540 degrees. 


Finally, Penguins are real and FEMA coffins are fake. I used to transport these supposed FEMA coffins when I worked in the death care profession. As an embalmer and decedent transporter, I often had to make deliveries to a local crematorium adjacent to a large cemetery. The head groundskeeper, Barney, showed me how the burial vaults preserve the land by forming a shield over the casket. 

As to the "BIRDS AREN'T REAL '' campaign: I suspect it is an MSM-sponsored psychological operation/ publicity stunt intended to discredit people who see the fake news for what it is.  It’s an evidence-free fake conspiracy theory that is more of a joke than a legitimate attempt to posit an extraordinary claim. 

It doesn't have anything to stand on. Incredulity by itself is not an argument against something, nor does merely alleging certainty. Fundamentally, it’s a burden-of-proof question. Who owns it? As a rule, the presenter of the extraordinary claim, a claim that challenges the status quo, does. However, since the evidence for birds and penguins is plentiful, accessible, and not fakeable on the large scale, the “BIRDS AREN’T REAL” people can be dismissed without the need of formally challenging their claim. 

Moreover, nobody has captured or killed one of these fake birds to dissect them and expose the robot inside. I have video and photo evidence of penguins taken on my smartphone. So again, I must emphasize that these types of claims are based on something other than the pursuit of truth. These claims are clickbaity for sure, but have no logical basis and require selective ignorance. So what is the purpose? My suspicion is that the MSM uses fake conspiracies like these to make those that question the MSM seem like reality deniers. 

I would rate this kind of conspiracy theory as even less tenantable than that Mandela Effect. The Mandela Effects can’t be falsified because they are by definition arguing that reality has changed the facts. The wild assertions of bird-fakery without evidentiary support are only sustained by the self-imposed ignorance or sheer laziness of the claimant.

In closing, I want to thank all the IPS Think Tankers, newsletter subscribers, and IPR listeners. We’ve been offline because a gremlin ate my video card and I am working on a replacement. You can help out with this by shopping at or just sharing this newsletter. I appreciate your patience as we press on through the glitches in the matrix.

Stay Tuned,

Tim Ozman,

IPR, Host

Monday, November 15, 2021

From The Desk of Tim Ozman 11/14/21 My 11:11 am 11/11 Awakening, Mandela Effected Meatloaf,and Why I Sell Masks

 From The Desk of Tim Ozman 11/14/21

My 11:11 am 11/11 Awakening, Mandela Effected Meatloaf,and Why I Sell Masks 

The other day I woke up at 11:11 in the morning on the eleventh of this month. What does this mean? Probably nothing but I decided to take a look at what the Metaverse is telling us. 

Last month’s October the 13th set the stage for sacrifice season.

First, let me explain what I mean by “sacrifice season”:

  • William Shatner went to space on 10/13 concurrent with Halloween Kills making the headlines putting his face out there in a different context: the face of killer Michael Meyers. 

  • Following this, we bore witness to Sir David Amess being stabbed 17 times.

  • Then there was the “accidental” killing on the Rust movie set. 

  • A man dressed as the Joker stabbed 17 people on a subway in Japan.

  • 17 victims were taken to the hospital at the Astroworld debacle, 8 of whom died. Drake sang a new song “Knife talk.” 

  • Travis Scott was recently pictured in a Michael Meyers mask which also happens to be the face of William Shatner. 

  • The Qanon shaman carries a spear and that a Qanon-influenced surfer in California speared one of his children 17 times as a sacrifice to save the world.

  • In witchcraft, the High Priest carries the dagger. Shater went 66 miles up in that Obelisk. I’d call that a “high” priest, and as Rocketman and Dagger-Man he officiated over this season's sacrifices.

  • Finally, Shatner warned of a “coming catastrophic event” after describing how fragile our atmosphere is.  Just today, the Associated Press put out an article describing the Astroworld tragedy as a “countdown to catastrophe.”

Now here is what I suspect comes next: 

Britney Spears is now free. I see the “spear” as symbolic of the extreme-right. I fully expect a Q-patsy to chuck a spear, so to speak. The “metascript” has connected death and sacrifice with the numbers 17 and 22. Here are  some additional points on that:

  • Gabby Petito, 22

  • #22Forever: The University of Utah football team retired the jersey number 22 in honor of teammates Ty Jordan and Aaron Lowe.

  • JFK Jr. is expected to show up in Dallas after 22 years of being “dead.”

  • RFK was killed by a .22, JFK was shot on the 22nd of November.

  • Singer Emani 22 died at 22.

  • A 22-year-old woman is “braindead” following the Astroworld concert (from a head injury, not Travis Scott’s bad autotune).

  • The International Space Station has been in orbit for 22 years and just today had to dodge a piece of Chinese space junk.

  • ​​Astro, one of the longtime members of the British reggae-pop band UB40, passed away on the night of Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival.

My prognostication for the coming week includes riots, asteroids puncturing our atmosphere, and a high-profile attack or assassination by a right-wing Qanoner, possibly with a spear.

The riots I expect will be in Kenosha, where National Guards are already on alert. This is in anticipation of the exoneration of Lemonhead Kyle (LeBron James essentially called Kyle Rittenhouse a crisis actor. He tweeted, “That boy ate some lemon heads” in response to Kyle’s emotional breakdown which was apparently tearless.)  Not to defend LeBron James, who cries and flops more than any other in the Nothing But Actors league. It’s just that I’m not convinced that Kenosha was more than government propaganda disguised as real news. 

However, If Gaige Grossarm shows his arm wound to be real, I’ll correct my assessment. We certainly have a lot of memes to apologize for. If someone can present compelling evidence short of twisting Guage’s arm, I'll do it for all of us:

"Sorry, Mr. Grossarm," and "Nice shot, Kyle." 

Of course, #TeamJojo will argue the Judge is biased because of his patriotic phone ringer and the jury for being too white. 


  • I Interviewed Human Vibration and we discussed “loosh traps” and world-stagery. You can hear that at DarkMatter.Radio. 

  • Alex Stein caused McToon to rage quit a moon landing debate. He chastised MC for wearing a sweatshirt to the debate and refused to accept a picture of moonbuggy tracks as evidence of a lunar landing.  To be fair, Stein wears red sweat pants under that shirt and tie ensemble which itself could be a CGI overlay.

  • I spoke with commander Lou of the US Federation of Craters. He’s joining the Dark Matter Digital Network in January for a daytime live show. Expect days packed with live content.

  • Astroworld conspiracies are blowing up the Internet, precipitating what the MSM is calling a new Satanic Panic. Virus Panics are okay. But Satanic ones? Nope.

  • Anti-vaxxers are “enemies”, says Knight In Satan’s Service, Gene Simmons. I can handle a guy dressed as a bat-winged Japanese Samurai Demon being a total hypocrite and going on tour. But I’m not cool with him declaring war on the purebloods. Not all unvaccinated people draw large crowds to superspreader events so you could argue that KISS is a bigger enemy of the people than those he’s calling out.

  • Entrepreneur Glen de Vries, who flew to space on Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin with William Shatner, died in a plane crash on Thursday. A few days before that, Sir Richard Branson had a severe bicycle accident that he described as “colossal.”  

  • Demi Lavato said she’s tired of humans and wants to bonk an extraterrestrial. This made me think about the Furry I saw the other day while stuck in a drive-thru. “Furries” are people that identify as animals, so it occurred to me, she would only need to find a Furry that has a persona, what they call a “fursona”, that identifies as a space alien rather than a donkey or a horse.  

Mandela Effected Meat Loaf and Why I  Sell Masks:

Mandela Effect pusher Bryan Stavely has accused me of being part of his club. Yes, I’m alleged to be Mandela Effected by my use of the word MEATLOAF to describe a musician I never listened to. All I know is, he had large breasts as Robert 'Bob' Paulsen in Fight Club and he played “Eddie” in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (who gets cannibalized at the end). 

I never heard him referred to as “Mr. Loaf ' and thus never formed a memory of “meat” and “loaf” as being distinct in his name. So yes, when I mentioned Russian-Vids’ penchant for “MEATLOAF” lyrics, I revealed myself to be from a parallel universe where Meat Loaf is one word. 

Although this makes me a bona fide interdimensional time-line jumping Mandela Effected matrix breaker, Bryan Stavely still doesn’t want me in their club. I’m like a lost time traveler that other time travelers want nothing to do with. To add insult to injury, he called me “The Wolf,” presumably because I sell masks. 

As we previously discussed on IPR, RussianVids initially called out DIRTH and High Impact Flux for selling masks and now, I’m being pointed at with the same criticisms. I’ll address those but first, let me point out that RussianVids is now going by RV-Truth. 


Because he’s been credibly accused of being a Russian disinformation agent and he’s changing names to disassociate with a supposed video in which RussianVids is in military fatigues singing Russian folk songs. The rumor is, RussianVids is a plainclothes agent sent to divide the Truth community.

So why, then, do I sell masks?

I “sell” them because I refuse to cede that cultural space. We’re in the midst of a culture war and a new religion is being imposed. There is no winning by leaving the battlefield. Posting products puts your ideas directly in competition in the meme-o-sphere. A well-placed meme is a spanner in the works---the real meaning of the Blue Wrench carried by IPS penguins. 

Every dollar spent internally isn’t handed to the other side. Every dollar spent by the other side on our side detracts from theirs and enriches ours. One could argue that accepting Superchats and advertising revenue on Youtube is working for the enemy. But I---although unmonetized---am in favor of people making money off the opposition. Subversion makes more sense to me than destruction, and competition is stronger strategically than boycotting. 

I suppose this explains why Stavely and his ilk have fled to Rofkin, an obscure echo chamber platform while claiming to be victims of censorship. The IPS is not a victim of censorship although we certainly are a target. Victimhood is a mentality and these Rofkin Sheep prefer to lose, to cede ground in the culture war, rather than stand their ground. I suppose this explains why they call IPS “The Wolf”?

Thank you again to listeners, chatters, callers, donors, patrons, and shoppers at our store. We are the world’s only independent counter-media network and we are growing with your support. You can look forward to the inaugural issue of FAKE WORLD NEWS, a print tabloid, sometime in December. 

Tim Ozman,

IPM, Host

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10-7-21 Brain Laundry Time: From The Desk Of Tim Ozman

 From The Desk Of Tim Ozman


Brain Laundry Time

Dog the Bounty Hunter, or possibly Marjorie Taylor Greene in opaque wraparound shades, was out hunting for Brian Laundrie and found an old shoe and an empty can of Monster Energy, a drink with well-exposed associations with occult symbolism.  Laundrie, whose name is suggestive of a mass brain-washing (brian laundry) operation was seen photobombing a family selfie, where he was in the background doing his best impression of the classic Bigfoot image. This was reported on Newsmax as a fact and not as a scene in a poorly choreographed and barely interesting drama. I’ll start paying attention when Steven Seagal gets involved.

The involvement of a television star further underscores the notion that it’s all fake; that and Pettitos’ role in a Sandy Hook music video. I suppose we should shout out Dr. Michael Bader who commented on the state of her corpse, as he also had a role with the school shooting psyop troupe as the medical examiner that looked at Adam Lanza.  

I think we all know now that social media is how Big Brother outsourced surveillance to the surveilled. In fact, Google just announced they will be helping the government find problematic and mind virus infect minds with the new "keyword warrants." This of course assumes they aren’t already doing so.

Here are some Metascript connections you’ll find interesting:

The first UFO crash-landed in Corona Field in Roswell. The first spy satellites were of The CORONA program was a series of American strategic reconnaissance satellites produced and operated by the Central Intelligence Agency. The theme with Corona seems to be an alien invasion and subsequent total surveillance from above and within. 

Now consider the evolution from post 9/11/01 to post 3/11/20 where the presumption of innocence was lost to an even greater degree. TSA pat-downs and body scanners became PCR tests and vaccine passports. Beyond knowing what’s in your pockets and bank accounts, now Big Brother must know what’s in your blood---to keep us safe, of course. 

But the key point here: 9/11/01 was an alien invasion in the sense of foreign actors. Covid19 has made everyone into an “invader”, as carriers and superspreaders. The alien invasion is us. The global terrorist threat was a precursor and set the stage for a total invasion rather than 19 hijackers. 

So again you have:

  • 19 hijackers

  • Covid19 preceded by 

  • C19 the comet, this being 

  • 19 years after 9/11/01, which was a Pearl Harbor type attack, which was called 

  • Operation AI at the time. 

  • AI = 19. 

So, when the World Economic Forum promises to bring about the GAIA, or the Global AI Action Alliance to help the world 

6uild 6ack 6etter, it seems that we’re living through the next phase of a longer sequence of world-transforming events. I suspect we are awaiting the AI God to reveal itself sometime soon.

Out of all the recent developments characterizing the new normal, they are literally the best thing to come out of 2020: this government fashion statement is a fascist statement and I always thought it would be great if people could be candid about their aberrations. You don’t have to read their Facebook feeds or glance at their bumper stickers to know their politics. If they wear masks outside of mandated zones and have visible vax-track marks down their shoulders, you may safely assume their politics to be to the left of Chairman Mao.

Next week, with William Shatner going to space we finally get to figure out who is the better actor and who is the better astronaut: Buzz Aldrin or William Shatner? If the definition of an astronaut is simulating it on a movie stage, then Shatner has more experience and therefore has Buzz beat. However, as an actor, Buzz has stayed in character longer. He hasn't broken character and it’s been more than half a century. So, it's a toss-up for both titles and we'll find out next week when Shatner goes to fake space. 

I do, however,  have a couple of additional questions I'd like answered: For instance, is the moon made of wood as would be indicated by the petrified moonrocks Buzz Aldrin gave to the government of Holland? And second, is Astrocrete edible, and can it be eaten with Astro plastic 3D printed eating utensils? (In case you don’t know, NASA has plans to create lunar bases out of astronaut body fluids and plastic out of their other waste products.

I have some good news regarding IPR:

Infinite Plane Radio will soon be approved for video on Spotify. They messaged me to say  "Video Podcasts will be expanding within the Spotify ecosystem starting next week. As a high-potential creator, we wanted to ensure that you could be one of the first creators to use this." We’re going to be among the first wave of video podcasters on that platform. 

Thanks again for all the participation and support. Join us live tonight at InfinitePlane.Radio where we'll discuss all the above and more. 


Tim Ozman,

IPR, Host