1000 Zombies #1000. original art.jack larson 3.5"x2.5" ACEO art card




I figure it's time to explain the concept behind the horde.

Last month, I had completed the series of 1000 zombies, but couldn't decide on which one should be the last one. It occurred to me that the whole entire series might be judged upon the merits of that one final piece. My indecision left me, and the series, without closure. For weeks the zombie painting continued unabated, and as I awaited the 1000th one, they kept piling up, all of them equally well-suited for the position.

I let my indecision fester until I finished painting the 1200th one when I suddenly had the bright idea to take my largest canvas, 48"x48", and paint a gigantic zombie to close off the series. I completed it, and then realized that it sort of contradicted the initial concept of the series, which I'm about to explain.

This was not an attempt to create or reach the ideal zombie painting. The zombie was merely the catalyst. My intention was to create long series of published works over a relatively short span of time so that, by contrasting the paintings at the beginning  to those near end, all painted within the span of one year, it would be possible to assess any improvements, isolate new techniques, and to develop and hone a unique style.

A grand finale signature piece would only miss the point. So, I just selected the closest one to me, and made it number 1000. The others will be released as a new series of paintings called "Post-Postmortem,"  for the conclusion of this series is not an end, but a new beginning.

Jack Larson


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