I am often confronted with potential buyers requesting private commissions. I stopped accepting them in 2012. However, I continued off and on sporadically because it's an easy way to make money. Money, as most reasonable people understand, is the life blood of any small business. But as a matter of principle, I am opposed to accepting private commissions at any price.

Many of those who request them are unwilling to accept my refusal. To them, the word "no" means "yes, but only after you pester me or lay a guilt trip". I've capitulated off and on, but the fact is, nothing makes me want to kill more than having to allow someone to take advantage of my amiability. I'm a nice person and too often it is misinterpreted as weakness.

But just to make my case as clear as possible, I've outlined three major reasons why I don't do private commissions. If you read these and still ask me, I'll take your money and blow it on booze and you'll never hear from me again:

1)  I can't afford to allow one customer to monopolize my time. My business model requires that I sell a high volume of art in order to stay viable. Since I don't have a marketing agency, I rely on reaching as many buyers as possible. I am not looking for a handful of wealthy patrons.

2) I don't like renting my brain out. It's mine. I prefer to think my own thoughts and I don't need someone else's instructions guiding them.I'll paint what I want to paint. If you don't like what I have available, you can always go somewhere else.

3) It is boring. It is drudgery. If I wanted to be told what to do for a living, I'd be a house painter. Sure there's more money in it, but freedom is priceless. If you can't understand that then you're probably boring too.

Thank you for  your interest in my work. Feel free to bid on any of the publicly available art on auction right now at http://www.zombieart.us .

Jack Larson


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