Death's Driver: The Life of a Body Transporter

My career in the death care profession spanned only a decade but in that time I held several different positions, each with its own particular set of requirements and responsibilities. What linked them all together was my role as a driver for the dead. Sometimes I drove a hearse as a funeral driver, delivering the deceased to their final resting places. Other times I did body transport for the state morgue, in which capacity I picked up the dead from the scenes of car accidents, shootings, hit and runs, and worse. As an embalmer, I made body removals from hospitals, homes, and mortuaries. As a side business, I cleaned up after homicides and suicides.

It should come as no surprise that many myths and misconceptions still surround the death care profession. Real Death, not the romanticized Death of the big screen, is usually kept out of sight and out of mind and for good reasons. This book is about those reasons.

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