Arachnohazard by Wren Cavanagh

If you're a fan of old school horror flicks then you'll love this book.  It was like "Arachnophobia" crossed with Hitchcock's "The Birds". The science behind the horrific mutations is plausible which makes the story even better. Aside from the plague of winged spiders ( highly intelligent winged spiders it should be added), the human element is a big part of the narrative which adds another layer of depth and believability to the story. 

The writing itself is descriptive with a keen sense of timing, maintaining a sense of urgency and tension from beginning to end. The plot twists might better be described as plot mutations, taking the reader into original new territory yet remaining true to all the expectations one would have for this genre of fiction.  The depictions of action and violence drive the story's pace forward, keeping the reader uncertain as the outcome remains unpredictable until the end. 

The back stories are solid and the characters are well developed and distinctive. The illustrations and unique fonts are nice embellishments. I would recommend it to people who enjoyed Max Brooks' World War Z and to fans of B-horror movies. 

Arachnohazard by Wren Cavanagh


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